Jane Wells Presents: The Story of the Mayflower!

When was the last time you heard the story of Thanksgiving?  No really, think about it!  

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For most Americans, the tale of the Mayflower was last heard sometime before 5th grade, accompanied by a slew of other kids wearing oddly-placed splotches of brown makeup, dressing in cardboard cutout hats and ties, and cutting out hand-shaped turkeys.

Totally disclaimer:  I'm guilty. 

100%.  Didn't even remember the Dutch were involved (did you??)

Well, to help us all out for the greater good, CNBC correspondent and KFI's own Jane Wells has a new podcast launching later this week, PLUS a new Facebook Page to go along with it.

As you may have guessed, it's about the Mayflower - BUT - retold in a way you'd never expect:

This new retelling is 1 part fully-dramatized radio-play, 1 part commentary, 1 part KFI crew story-telling extravaganza.  

That's right, not only was this podcast written by Jane, but features the absolutely stellar voice acting talents of KFI STUDS Gary Hoffman, Sheron Bellio, Aron Bender, Justin Worsham, December Brown, Shannon Farren, Jennifer Jones Lee and Blake Doan.

"The Mayflower! Part 1: Voyage of the Damned" is out now.  Check it out in the audio player below!

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