GoFundMe Couple from New Jersey and Homeless Man Made Up Story for Money

This is one of the CRAZIEST endings to a story that captured the nation's hearts just a year ago...

Remember that story about the couple from New Jersey that used GoFundMe to raise money for a homeless man who helped them get gas for their vehicle?

Well...turns out it's not so Disney sweet at all....


Mark D'Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt all face charges for fraudulently crowdfunding money.

The individuals involved kept donors from getting information "that would affect their judgement about solicited contribution to that fundraising effort". 

After the money was raised, Bobbitt eventually sued the couple for misusing the money. 

D'Amico and McClure then accused Bobbitt of blowing money on drugs and personal bills. 

The couple has turned themselves in to authorities, but it is not certain whether Bobbitt has done so. 

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