People Are Stealing Turkeys From The Supermarket

Photo: Getty Images

With the holidays coming up, people sometimes act in desperate measures.... 

Over thousands of turkeys are stolen from supermarkets each year ahead of Thanksgiving, and the supermarkets have finally had enough. 

Think about it, the average cost of a turkey costs around $20-$25 and each year the markets sell out of their stock of turkeys. The supermarkets are losing tons of money with people selling. 

How does this happen?

Well sometimes a cashier tries to help their friends out and pretends to scan the turkey but really doesn't.

Super, super shady...

Well, now there's a new high technology,  that can detect when a cashier fails to scan a turkey, or any other item. 

According to Inside Edition, Malay Kundu invented Stoplift, which works by letting the cashier know that an item was not scanned before a customer checks out. The entire transaction is recorded from above the scanner.  

For more information on this story, please visit  Inside Edition

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