Florida Man Does (Yet Another) Super "Florida Man" Thing

There's a reason why there's a "Florida Man" subreddit.

It's because men from Florida never fail to deliver.

Drugs.  Motor vehicles.  Interactions with police.  Interactions with animals.  They cover it all.

Today, we're focusing on the "interactions with animals" category.  

(Well, technically, we're also going to touch on the "interactions with police" category.  Honestly, most "Florida Man" stories end up having police involved.)

Yesterday, a man broke into a crocodile enclosure at the Alligator Farm Zoological Park in St. Augustine, Florida.

As you'd imagine, (and as you can see in the video...) it didn't turn out so well for him.  One of the crocodiles bit the man's leg before he was able to escape the enclosure.  

Although he escaped with his life, he did lose a lot of blood and some of his clothes, including (we're not kidding) a pair of Crocs.  

He was later found crawling across a neighboring yard in his underwear.

The New York Post says the man was arrested on a vandalism charge for the $5,000 in damage that he did, and is currently in the hospital.

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