Polls Are Closed! 2018 Midterm Election's Fate Sealed

Do you hear that?  Listen carefully...it's a sound we haven't had the pleasure of hearing in weeks....


That's right, the Midterm Election polls have closed.  The coverage has dwindled.  Our Facebook friends have (hopefully) set down their smartphones and have given their rhetoric some long-overdue R&R.

For most of the country, it was a dead-heat toss-up when it came to the governors' races and control of the House and the Senate.

But several hundred people were forced to wait in line to vote for a seemingly ridiculous 5 hours.  Even after the polls closed officially in California at 8 PM Pacific Time, scores were seen from above waiting patiently to practice their civic duties:

Fortunately for them, voters who entered the line before closing time were permitted to cast their ballots even after 8.

Join Kris Ankarlo tomorrow on the Bill Handel Show at 6 AM for the full rundown and list of 2018 midterm election results!


Visit ABC for the latest results on California propositions at https://abc7.com/politics/california-proposition-results/4635716/.

Photos by Getty Images

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