Bored With Dodgeball? Just Add Arrows!

We all know the game of dodgeball.  

Simple.  Fun.  Enjoyed by all.

Apparently, though, dodgeball was a little boring for some people.

Not the dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodging part.

Nope, that was fine.

It was the projectile part that people were tired of.  

They seemed to take Patches O'Houlihan to heart, and they replaced those bouncy red balls with arrows.

And thus, archery dodgeball was born.

And the sport is taking off!

The rules aren't all that different from normal dodgeball.

Each side has 10 people.  The game starts by everyone running to the middle of the field to pick up the bows and arrows, before retreating behind inflatables for defense while shooting at the opposing players.

Based on KDVR's report, if you don't have archery dodgeball near you now, it'll be there soon.

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