Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Macomb County clerk suggested fecal-eating worms for office toilets

9 - Giant python discovered among Texas Goodwill donations

8 - South Carolina prisoners make $35,000 in a nude photo scam 

7 - Carnival cruise ship violently tilts to one side at sea for a full minute

6 - Iowa pastor preaches from bulletproof pulpit with magnetic gun mount called The Sermonator

5 - NYPD seeks subway manspreader who assaulted elderly rider

4 - Students find out they’re both having sex with male teacher, so they his tell wife

3 - Airports suggest making plane landing emoji a little less "crash-y"

2 - Four held over theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital

1 - O.J. Simpson dresses as a gynecologist named Dr. Seymour Bush for Halloween in Las Vegas

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