The PastaThon Is Coming!

Ladies and gentleman....the 8th Annual KFI PastaThon to benefit Caterina's Club is coming!

For those who don't know, Caterina's Club is a local charity organization started by Anaheim White House Owner / Chef Bruno Serato that helps to feed local 'motel kids' in LA and Orange County. 

Currently, Caterina's Club is feeding 20,000 kids a WEEK at 80 locations in 26 cities. 

On Friday, December 7th at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, we will be broadcasting live all day and collecting money, pasta & sauce for Caterina's Club.

100% of your donation goes to Caterina's Club to help feed the motel kids of LA and Orange County to help those families get back into stable housing and to help teach kids the skills they need to get a stable job when they're old enough. 

Last year's event was phenomenal with a one day total of more than $460,000 and 100,000 pounds of pasta & sauce.  Let's beat that number this year! 

To date, KFI's amazing fans have donated more than $1.8 million and 340,000 pounds of pasta & sauce for Caterina's Club. 

Now, more official details will be available on our website soon, including details of some amazing support from Smart & Final stores in California, Arizona and Nevada....but I'm giving you a heads up because every year, teachers, club organizers, etc tell me to give them a month's lead time so they can organize their students and members to collect donations of pasta & sauce to come out and present at the PastaThon! 

In addition, some local businesses are taking part by being 'alternate drop off locations' for pasta & sauce donations from November 12 through December 6th.  If you're interested in being one of those locations, email me at  and I can give you the details on what we'd need from you to take part.

Either way, join us out at the #KFIPastaThon on Friday, December 7th! 

We'd like to thank the following businesses for being an alternate drop off location for us!

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