#TechTalk: Apple's New Re-Designs and Self-Parking Teslas

Apple unveiled their new improvements to their iPads and MacBooks, but managed to keep the products relatively the same with a higher price tag.  

The new iPads are saying farewell to the home button in an effort to make more room for the screen. Something we saw happen to the iPhone XR and XS. 

Without a home button, the iPad Pro will use facial-recognition technology to unlock the device and to authorize app and Apple Pay purchases. 

And say hello to new Mac computers! The MacBook Air laptop got a tiny makeover and now features a high-resolution screen but you've lost the camera memory card slot. 

Looking for a new desktop computer? Try the re-engineered Mac Mini, starting at $800.

But with new evolved Apple products comes new adapters you will inevitably have to purchase because the new MacBook Air and iPad Pros will now use a standard, oval-shaped connector called USB-C. 

All the new products come out Nov. 7.

We all have those days where we just want to get to where we need to be without having to circle a parking lot for what feels like eternity.

But the good news is Elon Musk is here to help!

Musk announced Wednesday that Tesla cars will be able to find a parking spot on their own by as early as next year.  

This new technology is a "slightly smarter version" Tesla's Autopark feature, which currently enables a Tesla to parallel park or perpendicular park on its own.

It has not yet been disclosed if someone will be required to be in the driver's seat while the car parks itself. In most states, it is illegal to operate a car without someone in it but many parking lots are located on private party, perfect for Musk's plans. 

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