#MugShotOfTheDay: Half-Naked. But Which Half?

Harley Morton - Courtesy of Kingsport Police Department

(Harley Morton - Courtesy of Kingsport Police Department)

Before anybody asks...no, she was not in costume.

Nope.  Harley Morton was just crawling around in the ceiling of a Cook Out in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Police don't know why she did it, but the 26-year-old got into the ceiling by climbing onto the roof, removing a screen from an air conditioning unit, and sliding into the building.

While she was rummaging around overhead, the ceiling gave way, causing the half-naked Morton to fall through the ceiling in the kitchen.

Which half was naked?

The bottom half, of course.


Morton was able to recover from that fall and quickly pulled herself back up into the ceiling.  According to Kingsport Times-News, that's when employees called the police, telling authorities that they could hear her "running around" above them.

Police responded to the situation, but they could not find her.  All they could find was her I.D. on the roof.

I'm sorry.  Wait.  Hold on.

Her I.D.?

She had no pants on!

How was she carrying this I.D.???

Whatever.  I guess that doesn't really matter.

While police were on the roof, Morton fell through the ceiling again.  This time, though, she wasn't able to recover as well as the first time, and was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing, vandalism, and disorderly conduct.

Morton was also served with an outstanding felony warrant for failure to appear.

Fitting, considering there was no denying her "appearance" this time around.

Oh, and did I mention that she's a married mother of two?

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