#TerrorOnTheTracks: Blades & Breakdowns


Honestly, why do people even get on trains anymore?

The weirdest and most unbelievable public transportation stories all come from trains now.

"And the sleeping guy actually turned to be out dead..."

"And then she dropped her pants and peed on the seat..."

"And then a chipmunk ran out of their hair..."

Seriously.  Trains are packed full of crazy.

Take this guy on BART.


You saw that correctly.  He has two chainsaws on the train.

Furthermore, you can hear him saying stuff like “cut your frickin’ head off” and “ooh, yeah, it’s electric.”

What makes the situation even better was BART's response to the tweet.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before.  Best thing to do is to snap a pic and send it to dispatch via BART Watch App. You can also go to another car and alert the train operator using the intercom. What train car are you on?”

Oh, you've never seen anything like that before?!?!  You don't say!!!

According to East Bay Times, the man was apprehended by police when he got off the train at the Lake Merritt station.

At least this train didn't break down like one did in New Jersey.

And it didn't get any better from there.

Halfway though, and the situation was just getting worse.

According to WCBS, there were no arrests made.

But, James says the situation was still pretty crazy.

"At one point the engineer was trying to get from one end of the train to the other just to go through two different engines, one diesel, one not. They tried to keep us informed, but the train was so crowded they couldn't get from one end to the other.  We were fortunate we were in one of the cars that still had light but some of them didn't and did certainly get quite warm. Fortunately most of the passengers stayed calm but we did hear that there was a few that suffered and a few that were getting pretty irate."

A rescue train finally arrived and took the passengers back to the Broad Street station.

And people wonder why I hate public transportation...

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