South Dakota Inmate Cracks Joke in Last Words Before Execution

Handel LOVES executions.

It's one of his favorite things to talk about and even says that the day he witnessed one was the best day of his life....

Never mind his wedding day..the day his kids were born...the day he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...the day he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame...

Nope. It was the day he saw an execution happen.

ANYWAYS, I think this one may be the pinnacle of stories for him and not in a good way.

Fifty-six year-old inmate Rodney Berget was executed in South Dakota this week after killing an officer in an attempted escape. 

This is the first execution in the state since 2012. 

It was officer Ronald "RJ" Johnson's 63rd birthday the day Berget beat him to death and covered his head in plastic. 

The U.S. Supreme Court delayed the execution briefly, and Berget made a joke about the situation before his lethal injection saying, "Sorry for the delay, I got caught in traffic." 


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