Journey Audio Cassette Tape Prompts Evacuation

Remember audio cassette tapes? For all you youngsters out there, those were those rectangles with gears in them that could play music. 

Oooo, swing and a miss.  Try harder, chief.  (Think smaller.)

THERE ya go bub....those are the ones!  

But why the trip down memory lane?  Just hold yer horses there, we'll get to it.

Right now it's safe to say that people are a little on edge over suspicious-looking packages.  After all, a slew of possibly deadly pipe-bombs were mailed out to several anti-Trump celebrities and politicians by a lunatic.

On Tuesday, a manila envelope with "suspicious handwriting" was received at Duke Energy in Charlotte NC.  The office building's mail room staff discovered the mysterious delivery and reported it to authorities.

The bomb squad was called in and outside streets were temporarily closed down. However, after studying the package, police determined that it was in fact a cassette copy of Journey's 1986 album "Raised By The Radio."

Why a cassette was sent, versus a CD or thumb drive, is still unknown.

You know, I can dig it. If only all bomb threats rocked this hard...we could be on our way to, I dunno, world peace. 

Or something.


Read more about the package fluke over at COS.

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