Suspicious Package Addressed To CNN Intercepted At Post Office

CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Workers at a post office in Atlanta discovered a suspicious package that was addressed to the CNN Center. The FBI and bomb squad were called to investigate the package. Authorities have not said if this package was made and mailed by the man who sent over a dozen pipe bombs to high profile Democratic politicians and celebrities before he was taken into custody last week. 

CNN issued a statement saying that there was no "imminent danger" to the employees at the CNN Center. 

"This morning, another suspicious package addressed to CNN was intercepted at an Atlanta post office. There is no imminent danger to the CNN Center. All mail, at all CNN domestic bureaus, is being screened at off-site facilities as of last Wednesday, so this package would NOT have come directly to the CNN Center, even if it hadn't been intercepted first. Our screening process is working and we will keep you updated as we learn more.”

Photo: Getty Images

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