Six Flags Has to Rename a Roller Coaster to Pay off World Series Bet

Getty Images

Six Flags Magic Mountain is taking their pain from the Dodgers World Series loss a bit more ...visible. The Los Angeles theme park agreed to a friendly wager with the New England park at the start of the Red Sox vs Dodgers World Series games. 

Due to the unfortunate loss, Magic Mountain will now be required to change the name of their New Revolution steel rollercoaster to the Red Sox Revolution. The name switch will only be temporary however and last a span of two days, Nov 17th and 18th. If visitors do happen to visit the park during the opening weekend of the amusement park’s Holiday in the Park event, expect to also see the BoSox flag at the front gate.

If the Dodgers won, we'd have been seeing the New England six flags renaming their Thunderbolt wooden coaster the Dodgers Thunderbolt. One can only dream. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers will have to wait at least more year for their first World Series championship since 1988. 

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