Better-For-You Eating with Hungry Girl

Lisa Lillien is the beauty and brains behind the Hungry Girl empire which includes cookbooks, low-calorie recipes, specialty products, TV shows, and most recently a podcast!

The podcast, Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing!'s food-themed episodes feature everything from stories from Lisa, surprising food news, Q&A with fans, personal survival strategies, taste tests, fun food facts, and interviews with special guests. 

Lisa says, “I created Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing! because I thought it would be very cool to have an outlet where we can tell funny stories and discuss food philosophies in depth. The podcast really also gives my fans more of a personal glimpse into Hungry Girl and Hungryland and also my life.”

The Hungry Girl podcast is available on iTunes, the iHeart Radio app, the Stitcher App and the TuneIn App.

Follow Lisa on Instagram @hungrygirl and check out

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