Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Hubble telescope fixed by 'jiggling it around' after gyroscope failed

9 - Michigan Airport electrician attacks colleague over microwave use argument

8 - Canadian doctors to start prescribing museum visits for various ailments

7 - HBO to hire intimacy coordinator to overlook all sex scenes

6 - Swedish man sues Elvis Presley's Graceland for hurting his marriage

5 - Pearson Airport in Toronto says cannabis disposal bins are not "free weed" containers

4 - Babysitter found drunk, without pants on street

3 - Woman tries to bite off man's genitals and then charges cops on all fours

2 - Navy apologizes after pilots recorded leaving penis-shaped flight path over Salton Sea

1 - Woman from Mexico removes belly button and send it to ex-boyfriend as present

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