Gov. Jerry Brown Files 'Formal Opposition' Of New Trump Administration Plan

Photo: NBC 4

Gov. Jerry Brown and other Democratic officials in California launched their 'formal opposition' on Friday to the Trump administration's new greenhouse gas emission rules.

"Wrong way to go, Donald," Brown said to reporters at an I-5 overlook.

The state of California has officially filed 415 pages of testimonies against the Trump administration, according to the chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols. They aim to attack the "completely unjustified and illegal proposal" over greenhouse gas emissions and fuel-economy standards. California has already sued the administration over this particular issue in the past.

The plan according to President Trump is to end California's "advanced" clean car regulations, and to loosen the state's extremely strict guidelines on air pollution.

But Gov. Jerry Brown and other California officials say the limitations in the state won't be changing anytime soon.

“It won’t stand,” Brown said.

According to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the strict rules "save consumers money and reduce emissions".

Read more at The Sacramento Bee.

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