Watch How Potential Patrol Cars are Tested Out on the Speedway

Cop cars are getting the once over at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Ramiro Jaurez says the testing focus' less on top speed and more on high-speed handling, braking, and mechanical reliability.

 "We need a balanced vehicle. A vehicle that accelerates well, that brakes extremely well, that handles well."

He commented on the construction of our streets as being a bit hard to navigate at times considering the potholes and dips. This testing is to make sure that deputy vehicles can handle any unforeseen issues. 

Evaluations include vehicle dynamics, brakes, tires, heat, city courses, ergonomics, and more. The sheriff's department has been conducting these test for more than 40 years. 

One test driver added that he is not afraid to push the cars to their limit. "It's our job here as test drivers or what you want to take them to their extremes and make sure they're kind of behind the scene. The car should be easy to drive. It shouldn't be a handful for a deputy." 

Jaurez says each evaluation is designed to simulate emergency response conditions. Several manufacturers have presented their vehicles and motorcycles for testing and evaluation all week.

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