Pipe Bomb Packages May Be Coming From Florida

A timed pipe bomb (Getty Images)

The FBI is turning its investigation to Florida as it looks for the culprit behind pipe bomb-style packages being mailed to Democratic politicians and public figures.

Investigators say postal markings on the packages point towards Southern Florida, although authorities are also investigating in New York and Maryland.  They're hoping that black tape used to wrap the packages might carry fingerprints or DNA.

So far ten packages have been intercepted, with targets including the Obamas, the Clintons, George Soros, Robert DeNiro, and CNN's New York offices.  

The bombs have been mailed to four different states; New York, Maryland, Florida, and California.

The FBI is warning the public to be wary of more suspicious packages that could be in the mail.

Most of the packages were sent by mail, but one sent to billionaire George Soros appears to have been delivered by hand.  The FBI are calling the packages "domestic terror" and warn that more bombs could have been mailed.  FBI Director Christopher Wray said it was the FBI's "highest priority".

Read more over at CBS News.

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