Congressman Says Trump May Need To Impose "Martial Law" To Stop Caravan

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In order to stop the migrant caravan from reaching the US southern border, one Texas congressman feels President Trump may need to take some extreme measures. 

In an appearance on the "Todd Starnes Radio Show," Texas Representative Louie Gohmert called the 7,000 plus Central American refugee and asylum-seeking group a "mob" and says that Trump should declare martial law to prevent them from entering the country. 

Gohmert claims that if the group were allowed to reach California, "[Governor] Jerry Brown will welcome them" and that due to its size, "you might have to declare martial law along the border." 

Asked for his definition of "martial law," Gohmert describes it as "federal troops coming in and being at the border," while having "federal law enforcement to be there to arrest any Americans who might try to stop it." 

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