Mayor In Georgia Reveals New Plans For Sex Offenders On Halloween

Trick-or-treaters in Grovetown, Georgia will have one less thing to worry about this Halloween... Sex offenders!

Mayor Gary E. Jones revealed his plans this week to keep paroled sex offenders "on watch" for three hours next Wednesday, during the prime trick-or-treating hours. Jones said he plans to have law enforcement officers watch about 30 of the local sex offenders at City Hall. Our only question is... Will there be candy?

The new plan is all in hopes of ensuring "the safety of our children," according to Jones. However, he did admit that there have been no previous incidents in the area.

When questioned if the 'gathering of local sex offenders' was actually lawful, Georgia's Department of Community Supervision confirmed that it is in fact allowed by state counties.

“It would be no different than instructing an individual sex offender or otherwise to report to one of our offices,” Mayor Gary E. Jones said.

Read the full report on KTLA.

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