Dog In Oklahoma Goes Viral On Facebook For 'Gold Digging' At McDonald's

Photo: Getty Images

A dog in Oklahoma City named Princess doesn't care if you call her a "gold digger", because she's too full with free food from McDonald's to care what you think.

On Sunday, Princess' owner Betsy Reyes posted on Facebook that the pup is known to regularly wander out of the house at night and head to her local McDonald's for food. It quickly went viral.

But Princess isn't really that hungry... She just wants you to think she is! Reyes posted that Princess acts like a stray in order to get food from strangers. Her favorite? The original Mickey D's hamburger.

In a post shortly after the original, Reyes added a video showing how she caught "gold diggin" Princess in the act. Princess' antics have been shared on Facebook more than 260 thousand times.

Read all about it on ABC7.

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