Sniff Seal On Products Allows Shoppers To Smell What's Inside

Remember those scratch and sniff stickers and books we had as kids? 

Well it's back, but not in the way you think!

Have you ever wanted to know what an item smells like before you buy it, but felt bad about tearing open the box? 

Or if you are one of those people that do open the boxes anyways, go pound sand you uncultured swine.


Shop owners also feel the pain, because when customers open something to get a whiff it renders it unable to be sold. 

Tekni-Plex has stepped in with Sniff Seal, which can protect foodstuff while allowing the scent to escape the packaging. 

The company hopes to bring their technology to beverages, personal care and cosmetics, or pretty much any product where consumers judge freshness with their noses. 

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