Newsom VS. Cox in the Approach to Fix Homelessness

In 2002, Gavin Newsom sought to fix San Francisco's ever growing homeless problem by proposing to slash the amount of welfare for single homeless adults and instead using the funds on shelters, housing and services.

The proposition, called Care Not Cash, sought to "stop welfare recipients from spending their monthly checks on heroin or alcohol."

Some residents of the city felt the program was "heartless" and Newsom endured harsh criticism. 

The homeless situation in California certainly hasn't been solved and it is definitely in the forefront of voter's minds for the November election. 

As Newsom and rival candidate John Cox battle it out for governor, homelessness will continue to be a big debate. 

Newsom has allegedly pledged to put homelessness at the top of his agenda if elected, and blames Gov. Jerry Brown for neglecting the issue while in office.

Cox is showing his commitment to helping the homeless with a visit to skid row last week where he stated he would build more housing and help the homeless receive mental health and addiction treatment.

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Photo: Getty Images

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