Baby Trump takes Flight

Trump baby balloon takes flight in downtown L.A.

LOS ANGELES -- A balloon portraying President Trump as a portly baby in diapers has taken flight in Downtown L.A.

The balloon is a lookalike to the one that accompanied protests in London over the summer.

This one lifted off next to the 110 Freeway, where it can be seen by drivers.

"It's part of the political landscape, and I think people are interested to come and see it," says Simon Sidi, co-founder of Politicon.

"We're going to fly it most of the day into the evening, and then it will be inside Politicon so people can come and take selfies with it tomorrow," he says.

The day-long political convention at the L.A. Convention Center features an unusual list of figures from opposite ends of the ideological divide.

Some curious onlookers ascended the West Hall's delivery dock to get a closer view of the orange baby.

"In person it's a lot less impactful than what it looks like in pictures," said one man heading to the convention.

"He's not as big as I thought he would be," another said. "But he has nice hair and his phone is a nice touch.

Photo: Andrew Mollenbeck

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