You Won't Believe What Some People Leave In Storage

Did you know that Public Storage holds thousands of auctions every year?

Most people never think about what goes on behind those familiar orange doors at the local public storage office once their rental term is up. 

Turns out people leave things worth hundreds, thousands, even HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars!

Author and Vietnam veteran Tom Knust and Tim Conway, Jr

Tom Knust has written a book based on true stories of individual storage units that Public Storage manages. 

Some of the stories are about the contents of storage units that to be auctioned off because someone defaulted on their payments and others are just stories about the particular instances that have happened at their facilities.

Tom stopped by the studio to talk about the book, plus his upcoming projects.  Take a listen in the KFI player below!

Get more info or pick up a copy of "Behind the Orange Door" at!

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