Join Us For The Great California Shakeout!

The annual Great California Earthquake shakeout will take place today at 10:18 AM. 

Be sure to register at to join millions of people participating in the annual Great California Shakeout!

As well you're not going to want to miss out on this new grant program. 

Sign up today for the 2019 Seismic Retrofit Grant Program. 

Registration goes up open today for the program that allows eligible homeowners grants of up too $3,000 to help their strengthen their older homes, so they are more resistant to earthquake damage. 

According to chief mitigation officer of CEA and executive director of EBB Janiele Maffei says, "More than 1.2 million homes in high-seismic hazards areas of the state are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes because of the type of construction". 

This October, California will mark the 150th anniversary of the 1868 Hayward earthquake.

This fault is located in the Bay Area and most likely to produce an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7. in the next 30 years. 

If you think you're eligible to apply for the EBB Grant, please visit

 A full list of eligible ZIP Codes and a searchable directory of licensed, FEMA-trained contractors with more than 1,000 trained contractors is available

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