California Has Some of the Worst Roads in the Nation

A recent study names Sacramento as the home of some of the worst urban roadways in the nation. 

The report, released by nonprofit research group TRIP, lists about 41 percent of Sacramento area roads in "poor condition." 

29 percent of Sacramento roads are rated as "mediocre" which means about 70 percent of the area's paved roads are considered unsatisfactory. 

As it may come as no surprise to anybody, California holds the three largest urban areas with the poorest road quality in the nation.

The list is topped by the San Francisco/Oakland area, where 71 percent of roads are reportedly in poor shape, followed by San Jose at 64 percent and the greater Los Angeles area at 57 percent.

According to the survey, in order for a road to be classified as poor, it must “show significant signs of pavement wear and deterioration and may also have significant distress in their underlying foundation." 

In addition to pointing out how horrible the roads in California are, TRIP also calculated the average cost of deteriorated roadways to a typical driver. 

They estimate that the average motorist loses $599 a year to damage caused by driving on unkempt roads and San Francisco Bay Area drivers spend nearly double that at $1,049.

Photo: Getty Images 

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