Trump's Unique White House Presidential Portrait

When artist Andy Thomas created a portrait of ten Republican presidents sitting around a table enjoying some drinks, he never thought it would gain national attention. 

But his painting, titled "The Republican Club," made it to the White House and was seen in the background during President Trump's "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday. 

The painting shows a smiling Trump having a Diet Coke while sitting between Eisenhower and Nixon. 

Across from them are Lincoln, Reagan and George W. Bush while Ford, Roosevelt, George H.W. Bush are standing around the table. 

California's Republican Representative Darrell Issa let Trump know about Thomas' work and he placed a call to the artist asking for the piece. 

But Thomas just assumed it would end up tucked away, not on full display. 

He said he isn't a member of a particular political party, has libertarian views but often voted for Republicans.

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