Parents Group Threatens to Sue SBUSD over 'Racist' Curriculum

The SBUSD school board recently renewed its contract with Santa Barbara based Just Communities, which provides diversity and sensitivity training, on a voluntarily basis, to teachers and students. 

The roughly $300,000 program has received criticism from members of Fair Communities Education, a local parents group, who say the Just Communities' "lessons and wording amount to reverse racism."   

Eric Early, an attorney representing Fair Communities Education, is even debating on suing the Santa Barbara Unified School District over the program. 

Early sent a statement to the KEYT newsroom Wednesday, writing that the Just Communities' agenda is "fostering resentment, conflict, division and anger in the community."

School board members say the lessons learned from the program are worth every cent but FCE member Greg Gandrud says otherwise. 

He told KEYT:

"We're opposed because we think it's actually racist against white people," Gandrud said. "Curriculum charts and illustrations ... stating that racism is something white people do against brown people. What the Just Communties is doing is they're pushing a program that teaches the students to be racist against white people, against men, and Christians and against capitalism."

Gandrud and Early said they would like to see Just Communities' materials made public.

Eric Early will join the show at 4 p.m. with more on the potential lawsuit. 

Photo: Getty Images

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