Panty-Selling Candidate Says She Won't Quit Wyoming City Council Race

Generally when candidates run for office, they expect that some of their dirty laundry will be aired by their opponents. But one candidate for city council in Evanston, Wyoming decided it might be more profitable to sell her dirty laundry instead.

City council candidate Deborah Reno says she's considering dropping out of her race for city council after it was discovered the part-time massage therapist and yoga instructor was also selling her panties online under the name, "Mystee Crockett." 

In the now defunct online storefront where Reno displayed her wares, the candidate can be seen stripteasing in videos and offering services that cater to "used panty buyers." 

"Dirty gym shorts" were also available for $20 (plus shipping naturally). 

Reno told KTUV that she's been on the website for about a year and that the gig came to mind when she decided to run for office. "We also talked when I decided to run for city council about possible ramifications if that were to be discovered by the community. 

She says that the online venture started as an "interesting experience," but now thinks of it as an "error in judgement" that's overshadowed her service to the community. During the primary that featured five candidates, Reno received the second-highest amount of votes. 

"There isn't really any amount of money that would be worth what this is going to do to my family," Reno said. "It doesn't change the nature of who I am, but when people know your deepest, darkest secrets, they tend to look at you quite differently." 

On Monday, Reno said she plans on staying in the race and defended her online alter-ego. 

My alter ego is hot and sexy in a way that I never get to be in real life. My husband loves my alter ego, although she only comes out when he and I are out of town. She doesn't break laws, but she is gorgeous. She's never gotten into trouble, but she does get into exciting adventures with my husband.

Mikal Welling who is running against Reno for the city council seat in Evanston, called the news about his opponent "so against my own personal moral code and standards." 

"I was made aware of this late yesterday afternoon and think this is very unfortunate and so against my own personal moral code and standards. I have not confirmed nor do I plan on confirming these allegations against my opponent. I am going to continue to focus on the issues that are facing this great city and running my campaign to be elected to the city Council of Evanston," Welling said. 

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