O.C. Transit Workers Worried About Prop 6

OC transit workers are warning of job cuts if proposition 6 gets passed. Officials and union leaders said on Friday that a YES on 6 will force a reduction of bus service and nearly 200 transit jobs in Orange County.

OCTA Chief Executive Darrell E. Johnson said in a memo to his transit committee that the agency could lose $19 million in funds from SB 1 if Prop 6 passes. 

“If Proposition 6 is approved by voters in November 2018, OCTA would need to decrease transit service levels because of reduced revenues,” Johnson said in the memo.

Supporters for Prop 6 there are plenty of funds to pay for transit services without the extra tax hikes.

“This is nothing more than political hostage-taking,” said Dave McCulloch, communications director for the Yes on 6 campaign. “Our well-documented proposal shows there’s more than enough money if the Sacramento politicians allocated 100% of existing gas tax revenues where they should instead of being misused and stolen.”

Read more at the LA Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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