#MugshotOfTheDay: Dad vs Son, Chainsaw vs Lawnmower

Douglas Ferguson - Courtesy of Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

(Douglas Ferguson - Courtesy of Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office)

Well, what would you have done?!?!

You're just minding your business, mowing the lawn, when your dad comes charging at you with a chainsaw.

Do you really have any other option other than running him over with the lawnmower???

In the case of Douglas Ferguson, his son clearly didn't see any other way of getting out of the situation.

The Battle of the Blades went down on June 28, but since the 76-year-old Tennessee man was forced to stay in the hospital for a while after losing one of his legs in the altercation, law enforcement couldn't arrest him until last week.

 According to an SCSO press release, it was totally self defense.

“The son defended himself against the attack by running over the suspect with the lawn mower.  The injuries that the suspect (Ferguson) sustained were as a result of the lawn mower striking and running over him.”

And, for those that know the men, this probably was very surprising, as they've been at each other's necks for quite a while.

Read the full story at WNEP

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