Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - 'Ankle-Biter' mosquito eating SoCal alive can breed in a cupful of water

9 - William “Willy Wonka” Rodriguez pleads guilty to 60 crimes

8 - 46-year-old murder suspect could be tried in juvenile court

7 - Man in Thailand burns himself alive while holding dozens of losing lotto tickets

6 - ‘Lasso gun’ for subduing emotionally disturbed persons tested in Brooklyn

5 - Gender reveal party ends in wild brawl outside Applebee’s

4 - Runaway alpaca briefly snarls traffic in Brooklyn

3 - Police say Pea Ridge man ate meth and weed during traffic stop

2 - Wife claims she fatally stabbed husband after slipping on dog poop

1 - Woman pulls burned crack pipe out of her ****** when police respond to call

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