Small Gecko Accidentally Makes A 'Bazillion' Calls From Hawaii Hospital

The hospital director at The Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii was out for lunch when she started receiving numerous phone calls from the Big Island hospital. But every time she answered, she heard no voices on the other end of the phone.

Starting to get a bit worried, Dr. Claire Simeone headed back to the hospital to check it out.

When she arrived at Ke Kai Ola, the Center’s Hawaiian monk seal hospital, Simeone found that she wasn't the only one receiving the repetitive calls. She called the phone company in hopes that there was an issue with the phone line, but they told her nothing of the sort.

She inspected the entire hospital, but found nothing until she finally walked into a lab and found the phone-calling-culprit...

The "bazillion" calls were all coming from "A GECKO SITTING ON THE TOUCHSCREEN OF THE PHONE, MAKING CALLS WITH HIS TINY GECKO FEET!!!" Simeone wrote in a Twitter thread the next day.

After a good laugh with the rest of the staff about the little telemarketer's prank, Simeone caught the gecko and put it outside.

Read all of the crazy details on KTLA.

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