Reported $770 Million In Unclaimed Cash, And Some Of It Could Be Yours?!

Pay day could be coming early for you! The State Controller's Office says they have almost $770 million in unclaimed cash, and they want Californians to come forward and claim it.

The Controller's Office said the $770 million comes from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, stocks, insurance policies, and more unclaimed property notes.

If you think you might have some unclaimed cash in your name, visit the site's database and fill out the online form. It only takes a few of your personal details, and the website will let you know if you have any money available to claim.

“A search of the unclaimed property database only takes a couple minutes and this is a great time to do it because more properties transfer from banks, businesses, employers, and life insurance companies each summer,” Controller Betty Yee said.

You can also call the Controller's database at 800-992-4647.

Click HERE to see if you qualify for some of the unclaimed cash! Read the full report at CBS Los Angeles.

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