Yes on 6 Campaign Mails Ballot Title "Corrections"

Mail ballots are starting to arrive this week at voters' homes and one of the biggest proposition's on the ballot is prop 6 of course, but supporters for yes on 6 raised alarm after seeing the way Prop 6 was described to voters. 

The official ballot title for Prop 6 began with, "Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding." This caused concern for the repeal backers who believe the ballot summary conceals what the repeal would really do.

The gas tax repeal campaign sought to "correct" the information and recently mailed out 2 million leaflets that rewrite and explain what the proposition really means. 

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California said, “the politicians are trying to deceive the voters." "They are trying to bully voters into approving a measure that costs them more.”

The SacBee obtained a copy of the mailer that reads, “The correct title for Proposition 6 should read: Proposition 6: Gas Tax Repeal Initiative." On the back, there is an explanation for "what it means to vote yes" and "what it means to vote no."

Listen to what Carl DeMaio told John and Ken about the issue down below. 

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