#TerrorInTheSkies: Shirtless & Wet, The Best Way To Fly

It's not too often that you see someone glistening on a plane due to anything other than the anxious, fear-of-flying sweats.

Thang Sang clearly didn't suffer from that fear, though.  If anything, he was way, way too comfortable on an Alaska Airlines flight from Honolulu to San Francisco.

The 28-year-old originally sparked suspicion when he locked himself in the lavatory for over half an hour.  Sheriff deputies were finally able to get to him come out of the bathroom.

And that's when it got really interesting.

Not only did Sang come out of the bathroom without a shirt on, but he was also soaking wet, and it wasn't water...

Then he tried to pull the boss move of just sitting back down in his seat.  

Like nothing had happened.  

Like he hadn't locked himself in the bathroom for 30 minutes.

Like sheriff deputies didn't have to talk him out of that bathroom.

Like he wasn't shirtless.

Like he wasn't soaking wet with a mystery liquid.

Law enforcement tried to handle the situation with words, but Sang clearly wasn't going to move, so they were forced to cuff him and physically remove him from the seat and plane, but not before Sang put up quite a fight.

Lindsey Babb was sitting right there with her two daughters.

"This man is kicking and shouting, the police have weapons on them, they were scuffling in between three feet over aisle and [over] multiple different seats of people and children."

Sang is facing felony charges of assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Read the full story at Daily Mail

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