#TastyTuesday: It's Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day!!!

It's Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day!!!

I didn't know that was a real day, but I'm so glad to hear that it is! And so is @ForkReporter!

Now, I love all them equally (and you probably do too), but do you know the differences between them?

What makes a submarine a submarine?

And what makes it not a hoagie?

And how is it different than a hero?

And why are some called grinders?

It has a lot to do with region, but there's a few other factors that need to be considered.

Submarine (A.K.A. Sub)

  • Where do you find them? Northern New Jersey
  • Hot or cold?  Cold
  • Specific characteristics?  Served on a 6-inch to 6-foot Italian roll 


  • Where do you find them?  Philadelphia and South New Jersey
  • Hot or cold?  Cold
  • Specific characteristics?  Strong association to Italian-American culture, as it is believed that the name came from a nickname for Italian immigrants that worked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard


  • Where do you find them?  New York City
  • Hot or cold?  Either
  • Specific characteristics?  It's like a utility-man on a baseball team, you can put anything on it


  • Where do you find them?  New England
  • Hot or cold?  Either
  • Specific characteristics?  Ingredients often go beyond the standard cold cuts, including meatballs, chicken breast, etc.

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