Rats Have Taken Over A Van Nuys Neighborhood

There aren't many pests worse than rats.

They get in your food.

They poop everywhere.

They carry diseases.

They take over neighborhoods.

Well, they don't always take over entire neighborhoods, but they have take over one in Van Nuys.

According to neighbors, there's really only one problem home, where people often see dozens and dozens of rats running around the yard and climbing on the roof of the house.

That house is owned by John and Lisa Bueno.  They told their neighbors and ABC7 that the rat problem isn't their fault, and that they've been doing their best to trap the rats humanely.

Lisa said they have to handle the situation a certain way because of their religion.

"As a Christian - not to necessarily kill and put out poison, where it's a slow torturous death if there are possibly other humane means to rectify the issue or the situation."

Meanwhile, all of their neighbors are worried that their children might contract a disease from the massive amounts of rat feces that is being dropped in yards up and down the block.

If they want to take care of it themselves, they could always try Monica Rix's fool-proof plan of sticky strips, boots, and wood polish...

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