Officers Warn Parents of Dangers if Kids Carry Gun-Shaped Phone Cases

Here's a warning we thought we'd never have to make because why THE HELL WOULD ANYONE BUY THIS?

Police in San Mateo County in California are asking parents NOT to buy their kids cell phone cases that are shaped and look like guns. 

I know right!?

They posted on their social media to show what the phone case looks like hanging out of the pocket of someone's pants and as you can tell it's pretty convincing.

They said that a regular citizen may see it and call the police believing that someone has a gun. which results in what is called a "gun call" and someone can potentially be shot in the process of retrieving the phone case. 

Sounds dumb?


In February, a school in Florida was placed on lockdown when a student was seen walking around with what they later learned was a phone case. 

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