The Dodgers Have Released Their New 2018 NLDS Food Specials!

Whats better than a Dodgers win?

If you answered "nothing", you're right! If you answered "Dodgers stadium food", you're almost right!

Los Angeles Dodgers executive chef Ryan Evans created the new 2018 food and drink specials, and has released them just in time for the National League Division Series. The menu includes 9 new food items, and just trust us... If you're not hungry now, you will be at the end of this list:

The Rib Bundle 

  • A bucket of peach BBQ ribs, mac salad and fries with Kona BBQ sauce.

Mac and Cheese Hot Link Burrito 

  • With pulled pork and baked beans. Enough said.

Peach BBQ Bourbon Wings 

  • Smoked wings with a grilled peach BBQ sauce served with ranch dipping sauce.

Carne Asada Base Bowl Nachos 

  • These nachos come with a souvenir Dodgers bowl, just in case you needed another reason to order them.

Hot Link 

  • With BBQ sauce and vinegar slaw. The slaw makes this healthy... right?

BBQ Chicken Nachos 

  • These nachos are served in a Dodgers souvenir helmet, just in case you like helmets better than bowls.

Traditional Bratwurst Hot Dog

  • Served with Dijon mustard and topped with sauerkraut. A classic.

The Meat Lovers Pizza 

  • A  slice of pizza topped with meatball, pepperoni and sausage. I was vegan before I wrote this article. Now, I'm not.

"Dodger Wings"

  • Buffalo wings topped with blue cheese crumbles and served with blue cheese dressing.

Check out all of the delicious details on NBC 4.

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