Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Florida gas station owner asks customers to stop warming pee in microwave

9 - Police chief busted for masturbating at beach, inside elevator with women and kids

8 - So many narcissists have died of ‘selficides’ that even scientists are getting worried

7 - Louisiana man tells cops that a ghost planted meth on him

6 - Attorney probed for hypnotizing female clients and sexually assaulting them

5 - Utah toddler put $1,000 of parents’ savings through paper shredder

4 - Florida deputies investigate mom threatening to throw spices at child

3 - Deadly bacteria warning goes out to visitors of Berlin sex club

2 - Lab worker catches rare and deadly herpes virus from a research monkey

1 - California sperm bank specializes in celebrity look-alike's genetic material

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