#TechTalk: Shopping's Technological Transitions

Technology is taking over shopping!

I know, breaking news, right?

But, I'm talking about a lot more than buying your stuff online, whether you're using Amazon, a store's website, or any other marketplace.

I'm talking about a whole new shopping experience, one that stretches from your bedroom all the way to the store aisles.

  • Personal Assistants - Many people already have them, but the use of products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are continuing to expand.  It allows you to order items just by saying the word.  Plus, you can set schedules for items that you want ordered routinely.
  • Virtual Shopping - Maybe you want to look through the store, but you can't get there.  That's where virtual shopping comes in.  With virtual reality glasses, you can walk through a virtual store and check out virtual items.
  • Drone Delivery - Then, when you want the items delivered, trucks may not be so necessary.  Drones are currently in development that will be able to deliver your ordered item to your home in 30 minutes or less.
  • Autonomous Cars - Or, say you want the store to come to you.  With autonomous cars, that is now an option.  We've all heard about autonomous cars that are being developed that will drive people around.  But, there are others in development that will serve as mobile stores, bringing the shopping experience right to you.
  • Augmented Reality Glasses - But, if you are going to go to a store, imagine looking at everything like Terminator does.  Augmented reality glasses will allow you to do just that.  When looking at a product, augmented reality glasses will digitally overlay product info, like ratings or competing prices, on top of the real-world product you're looking at.
  • Stores With No Checkout - And then, when you go to checkout, well...you won't.  There are already stores that track what you put in your basket as you walk through the store, automatically billing you and emailing you your receipt.

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