The Great California Shakeout Returns Oct 18 at 10:18 a.m.

Great California Shakeout will be held on Oct 18 at 10:18 am

Living in Southern California comes with a lot of benefits. Plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and of course, you can't forget about all the great food you can get pretty much anywhere in the Southland. 

But, living here also means knowing that a major earthquake can strike at any time. The San Andreas fault line is only one of hundreds scattered around Southern California that have the potential to unleash the "Big One." 

That's why the California Earthquake Authority recommends everyone participates in the BIGGEST earthquake drill in the country on Thursday, October 18th at 10:18 a.m. As part of your emergency plan, sign up for the Great California Earthquake ShakeOut drill and practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On when the ground shakes. People can also learn more on what steps you can take to be better prepared when the big one strikes!

The Great California shakeout returns on 10/18 at 10:18 am

During the drill, the CEA is asking people to practice drop, cover, and hold on. 

  • Drop: Wherever you are, drop onto your hands and knees. This position helps keep you from being knocked down, and allows you to crawl to shelter. 
  • Cover: With one arm and hand, cover your head and neck. If there is a nearby desk or table, crawl under it for shelter. If there’s no shelter, crawl next to an interior wall away from windows. 
  • Hold On: If you’re under shelter, hold onto it with one hand. If there’s no shelter, hold on to your head and neck with both arms and hands. 
  1. Secure your space by identifying hazards and securing movable items.
  2. Plan to be safe by creating a disaster plan for you and your family on how you will communicate in an emergency.
  3. Organize disaster supplies and keep them in a convenient location. If you're not sure what kind of things to have on hand, here's a good list to follow when building your earthquake kit. 
  4. Minimize financial hardship by keeping important documents (such as insurance policies, wills, birth certificates and passports) safe, hardening your property, and considering insurance. 

During a major earthquake, the CEA recommends people should:

  1. Drop, cover, and hold on when the shaking starts. Hang on until the shaking stops and it's safe to move. 
  2. Improve safety by evacuating the area if needed, helping the injured and preventing further damage. 

More information about the earthquake drill and how you can prepare your family and home for the 'Big One' can be found at

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