Report Describes ICE Processing Center's Abhorrent Conditions

A report released by the federal government this week about a surprise May visit to an Adelanto immigration facility has uncovered jarring, cruel conditions. 

Federal agents arrived unannounced to find makeshift nooses made out of bedding in up to 20 cells and in the official report officers wrote:

"When we asked two contract guards who oversaw the housing units why they did not remove the bed sheets, they echoed it was not a high priority." 

Prisoners at the facility also had to wait "weeks and months" to get any type of medical attention and were often not receiving any prescribed medications. 

"The dentist dismissed the necessity of fillings," reveals the report, "the dentist suggested detainees could use string from their socks to floss." 

In the Los Angeles Times reporting of the inspection, they wrote:

Inspectors also found during their visit that all 14 detainees who were in disciplinary segregation at the time were put there before being found guilty of a prohibited act or rule violation.

And though ICE standards require face-to-face medical assessments of all detainees in segregation at least once a day, inspectors observed two doctors in the unit stamping their name on detainee records outside their cells “without having any contact with 10 of the 14 detainees in disciplinary segregation."

The Adelanto immigration facility is to be inspected again sometime in the next month. 

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