New Emojis Coming to an iPhone Near You

This may be the millennial in me, but I LOVE emoijis!

They're such a fun and cute way to express yourself and can add to the tone of your conversation.

No more guessing of that "Ok" was really okay...slap a smiley face emoji on that sucker and you know you're in the clear...

Or if you use the upside down smiley, you know you have some problems on the horizon....

ANYWAYS! You may be asking yourself, "Alex why the hell are you bringing up emojis this early in the morning?"

Because Apple is bringing a huge expansion to their lineup with the latest update in iOS 12.1!

If you've been waiting for raccoons, llamas, bagels, salt, mosquitos, and Frisbees to properly express yourself, your chance will be coming soon. 

And for a serious update (although not confirmed by the smartphone giant) is a software patch to fix a charging issue reported by several iPhone XS owners. 

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