University Encourages Using Jazz Hands Instead of Clapping To Avoid Anxiety

If you're anxious and you know it, don't clap your hands!

Anyone super confused yet?

Apparently, clapping your hands can cause anxiety issues in some people. 

At least that's what a student group in Manchester thinks because they just passed a resolution to keep things more inclusive by banning clapping. 

Instead, the University of Manchester Student's Union suggests using "jazz-hands".


Sara Khan, the union's liberation and access officer, wants the usage to go beyond their meetings and asks that "student groups and societies to do the same." 

Turns out the idea isn't limited to just this one school. 

Students at the University of Durham have also proposed banning clapping on the same grounds, adding that offenders should face "consequences." 

And as you can imagine, people think this whole thing is incredibly, wildly, STUPID:

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