#TerrorInTheSkies: Bag Bullies, "I Like Beer," & Hot Air Accident

Ok, let's make this clear from the start, this video was recorded at Hong Kong International Airport.  So, it's not like this went down locally at LAX, John Wayne, Burbank, or any other airport where your stuff might have been recently.

But, the social media outrage is still very real and very prevalent.

Why is everyone so upset?

Well, first, because it just isn't cool.  But, also, and probably more importantly, because people are afraid that this is how their bags are being handled whenever they're not looking.

Who really knows? This type of behavior may be super common behind the scenes at airports all over the world.

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We've all flown with that person.  That one that is already drunk when they walk onto the plane, and that we know will only become more entertaining (or infuriating) as the flight continues.

Well, there was one of those guys on American Airlines Flight 2763 that was headed to Boston from Phoenix.

David Markoski was a passenger on the plane, and he saw it all.

“He was leaning up against where you put the bags overhead and a passenger came by and said ‘What are you going to do, some pull ups?’ and the guy actually grabbed on to it and started doing some pull ups on the plane in front of everybody.  He would not sit down. The flight attendant probably asked him about three or four times to sit down and he refused to sit down and then he really got verbally abusive with her, starting calling her names."

Word has it that he just kept repeating one phrase... "I like beer."  

Brett, is that you?

(This last bit is completely made up.  We have no reason to believe that he said "I like beer" and there's no way that he was Brett Kavanaugh.)

The man caused such a commotion that the plane was forced to land in Kansas City, where law enforcement removed him from the plane.

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And this is why you only go up in hot air balloons way out in the desert where there's nothing to hit (or even come close to, for that matter).

Emergency crews had to perform a five-hour rescue of six people after a hot air balloon crashed into a power line tower in Germany.

It wasn't a big deal, really.  

They were only 230 FEET IN THE AIR!

And it was only a 380,000-VOLT POWER LINE!

Luckily, the only thing that touched the power line was the actual balloon, keeping the basket, and the people in it, safe from harm.

Read the full story at New York Post

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